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Ken Blanchard Interview

Best-selling author Ken Blanchard is recognized as one of the authorities on how to lead people well. He wrote "The One Minute Manager" in the early 1980s and then "Lead Like Jesus" in the early 1990s. Here we ask him how the same principles from his book still apply today and how we can faithfully live our lives like Jesus in the workplace.

Service Master

Service Master is a restoration business that comes to assist families after a flood, fire, or disaster. More than rebuilding the homes, they also find opportunities to minister to people during difficult circumstances. Faith is intentionally weaved into their workplace.

DV8 Kitchen

As owners of 4 successful restaurants in Lexington, Kentucky, Rob Perez and his wife Diane opened a restaurant operated by people in the early stages of substance use disorder recovery. DV8 offers them a fresh start and employment as they Deviate from the ways of their past and launch into a new way of living!

John Houston Family of Companies

John and Tracy Houston run one of the best home-building businesses in the country. However, the journey to get to that point wasn't an easy one. After losing almost everything, they dedicated their lives to the mission of reaching people for Christ by helping them to find their way Home. Every prospect for them is important, even the ones they don't land. "God didn't tell us to go sell houses, He told us to go reach people."

Stable Recovery

Stable Recovery is a sober living facility organized by Taylor Made. They not only provide much-needed structure for recovering addicts, but they also offer them the opportunity to come work at the school of horsemanship at Taylor Made Farm. Led by Christian Countzeler, a former addict himself, they keep faith first in all that they do, encouraging these men to hand over their addiction to Christ and let him work in their lives.

Taylor Made

Taylor Made is the leading thoroughbred farm in North America, and they minister to a diverse workforce in a powerful way! Chaplaincy, Care Committee, a clothes closet, language classes, and a life-changing recovery program are ways they use what God has given them to make a difference.

Performance Pulsation

John Rogers built a company by pushing hard and winning. Then, 10 years ago, he was challenged to weave faith into the company. First, he wrote a letter to his associates apologizing for his leadership style and the way he had been acting. During the past 10 years, he has brought in Chaplaincy, set up a Care Committee, and leveraged the workforce to do good in the community by serving volunteer efforts.

HR Alliance

Marcy Young started HR Alliance as a way to help small to medium size businesses build a strong HR team. As a Christ follower, Marcy began to see the opportunity to love others and show compassion in her work. Working in HR allows opportunities to personally help others in a unique way.


Lillian Radke is President of Unicpro, an industrial cleaning business. Lillian sees God as the CEO of the company and leads with a servant leadership style. The way she treats her associates has led to a 13% turnover rate in an industry where the turnover standard is over 85%! Lillian leads by example.

Century 21 – Phoenix, Arizona  

John Crow operates a large real estate agency in Phoenix, Arizona. Several years ago he made the decision to be closed on Sundays and the impact has been incredible. He incorporates his faith in everything he does. It all belongs to God. He donates his warehouse to like-minded initiatives throughout the week and on Sundays, his office building becomes a Church!


For more than 27 years Intel has been providing employees of all faiths and beliefs share their faith through ERG’s. Intel is recognized as the #1 company in the world when it comes to religious inclusivity. Craig Carter leads the Christian ERG worldwide and shares his perspective of faith in the workplace.

Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, is dedicated to taking every opportunity to care for and love their patients who are in need. Dr. Okki Oei, the Medical Director at Hope Clinic, believes that as the Great Physician, God has given our bodies the miraculous ability to heal. For Dr. Oei and the rest of his staff, their business is not just a job but also their mission field.

Jerry Weiers, Mayor of Glendale, Arizona

Jerry is a businessman in Glendale, Arizona. Frustrated with the direction his community was going, he ran for Mayor 9 years ago and change started to take place! His faith dictates his direction. Several years ago he brought back the Christmas Parade and it’s currently the largest parade in the state of Arizona!

NYPD 9-1-1 Dispatchers

As 9-1-1 dispatchers, the role faith plays in their work is unique. In New York City they are responsible for the safety of over 9 million people every day. Faith played a particularly important role on September 11, 2001, and they felt with the unfolding of the national tragedy.

Cornerstone Engineering

Cornerstone is a structural engineering consulting company that has put Christ at the center of what they do. They are intentional about bringing God into the workspace and first, they are Christians who happen to be engineers.
  • “Don’t withhold good from someone who deserves it when it is in your power to do so.”
    Proverbs 3:27

  • “Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others.”
    Philippians 2:4

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