Service Master

Service Master is a restoration business that comes to assist families after a flood, fire, or disaster. More than rebuilding the homes, they also find opportunities to minister to people during difficult circumstances. Faith is intentionally weaved into their workplace.

Christ at Work Eases Burdens

Brian Sampson: ServiceMaster is a cleaning and restoration company.

Graham Knight: We provide service of mitigation for water damage, fire damage, wiand nd damage to homes and businesses.

Trevor Bunker: But really what we're doing, we're picking up the burdens of these people who have tragedies and coming in and trying to provide support and make this cycle, make this event as easy as possible.

Brian Sampson: Yeah. ServiceMasters founder was a man named Marian Wade, and he was a man of deep personal faith, and so the name Service Master was his ethic of service to the master.

Faith in the Workplace

Trevor Bunker: Faith here at ServiceMaster, it is different, and it's awesome.

Graham Knight: When I came to work for ServiceMaster, I had been working for a church. The role of faith in this company was quite apparent to me and really the reason why I chose ServiceMaster over some other very large construction projects.

Brian Owens: Well, I mean, I think it's all about being a servant, not just a servant to our customers, but a servant to one another.

Brian Sampson: When we talk about what is our passion, what is my passion, it really is to honor God in all we do. Yeah, we pray over meals together. We've had the opportunity to pray with many clients together who are in really tragic situations.

Graham Knight: Being able to profess Christ openly provides the opportunity to share who he is and what his grace is,

Brian Sampson: And we've actually had a number of people, either employees or family of employees, that have been baptized over the last couple of years, which has been this really amazing thing to be a part of.

Bringing Restoration Through Christ

Trevor Bunker: I think the key phrase is, let me carry your burden. So when say, somebody has a fire, maybe they lost everything, or maybe they just have a really small water leak that is a burden that is played upon these homeowners or property managers or whatever, we get to come in and rip apart their home and put it back to something new, something maybe they maybe never even seen before.

Brian Sampson: I think the thing that really helps me is to remember that Jesus was the restorer above all restorers.

Trevor Bunker: It's a great way to be Jesus, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and allow others to smile.

Brian Sampson: Being an entrepreneur is really, really hard, but I just remember, I think about the lives that have been changed, and I think about the lives that are going to be changed. Our responsibility as Christians is just to be the hands and feet of Jesus, whether that's at the grocery store, whether it's at the game, whether it's in your place of business, or your neighborhood, that's what we're called to do.

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