Electric Mirror

"If you love Jesus, then bring Jesus with you wherever you are...the mission field is right in your doors." Electric Mirror sees business as a ministry. Everywhere you look around their facility, and anyone you ask, will tell you that faith is incorporated in every part of what they do.

A Foundation in Faith

Jim Mischel: Well, I tell people, if you travel anywhere in the world, you probably see our products. We're the company that makes the mirrors that light up in the bathroom with TV technology, LED Technology.

Way in the beginning, before we launched our company, we created a statement of faith to guide our business and establish that foundation of, what are we doing? Why are we doing it?

Before you even come to Electric Mirror, you'll drive up and see a sign that says, in God we trust and it's right under our name, Electric Mirror. And so we really wanted to just explain to people, this is the foundation of who we are. It's trust in God. If you're a manufacturing, which we are a pretty diverse group of people that come to work for us, and we've discovered over time there's a lot of hurting people in the world and how do we bless these people?

We bless 'em with a job, which is super important. But then once they're here, how do you transform their lives? We do have a chaplain program here. We have multiple times a week where employees get together and hear a speaker and learn more about faith or learn how to manage their finances better. So it's really throughout the organization where we're trying to really incorporate that concept.

Creating a New Culture

Yeah, well, yes, we're in the greater Seattle area and the culture is different out here, but the needs of people are the same, and we try to be just out front about who we are. I think we've learned over the years it's better just to be right out front, like you're coming to a really unique place where you will see signs about Jesus. You'll hear people that want to pray over you, and we've experienced amazing miracles in this company.

We've had so many stories of transformation that we just can't deny what Jesus is doing. But throughout life, people have problems and are hurting, and how do we minister to them as a business? That's good business too. We want people to be successful here. Most people here aren't Christian, but they love to work here because we tell them ultimately, you're going to be treated as best as possible because we feel accountable to God for our employees and how we treat everyone.

Your Work is Your Mission Field

I think overall it's been a positive thing. We have people that have come to work for us because of who we are in the greater Seattle area. They wanted to work with a company that was more aligned with their values and their culture, but I think people really feel like there's something different going on here. My answer would be, well, if you love Jesus, bring Jesus with you wherever you are, and if you have a business, we'll bring him to your business.

I remember when we started this company and at church, you hear about the mission programs overseas and all the great work going on somewhere else, but you have a company and the world's coming to you to work for you. You're in the mission field. The mission field is right in your doors. So how exciting that you can leverage your organization to be impactful. Right now.

I think the chaplaincy program is just a great starting point for any company to be impactful and really help meet the needs of their people. Business is a ministry. Business is a ministry, and business is good and it's part of God's mandate. We need to be in business, we need to be impactful. So I'm praying that there are new generations of business leaders that step forward in all areas of our economy to transform it for Jesus.


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