Caldwell Tanks - Equine Bible Study

At Caldwell Tanks, part of their effort to bring Christ in the workplace includes holding a Bible study for any employees who are interested in participating. In addition to a Bible study that meets together and grows through God's Word, they also have an equine Bible study.This unique offering presents a glimpse of our relationship with God through a relationship with a horse. All the things we ask a horse to do are similar to the things God is asking us to do when following Him.

Finding New Ways to Embrace Christ at Work

Wilson Frazier: So on a weekly basis, we have Bible study. Our Bible study is pretty diverse. This is another opportunity for us to come in to make the Scripture come alive for people to bring Christ and put kind of a skin on the whole thing to say, this is not just about words on a page. This is about walking daily with Christ. This is about relationship. This is about love. This is about connection, and this is a way for us to make it real for folks.

Trainer: We need to always keep our eyes on the Lord, which is ideally what I want my horse to do. I want her to always be paying attention even when there's a lot going on.

[Speaking to horse] Hi. I know. It's interesting.

It all goes together. I think it's awesome to see how horses teach us so much about Christ and the relationship that we should have with Christ.

Wilson Frazier: Yeah, Caldwell and Preload are both heavy steel, heavy concrete tank manufacturers. We have folks coming from all different walks of life that'll be here, that'll come through. They're welders, they're fabricators. They're machinists, and then they're able to come out and to experience God in another way.

Mirror Christ in the Workplace

Trainer: The last step to liberty would be our draw. So our draw is her wanting to be with me, seeking me. She has to have a good draw. She has to be able to be in sync with me, which goes to another thing leading up to liberty. I teach my horses to mirror me and to mirror my movements.

Wilson Frazier: I really hope that what people see in this is they see the need for trust and they see the need for connection with Jesus, and that Jesus longs for that. He longs for us to be in connection with him, that we can live a life at liberty where we're not tethered by ropes and by a bit and bridal, but that it's because it's a desire, because we keep our focus set on Jesus. And when Jesus is our focus, then our ability to live a life and liberty, which is what we call in the horse world, where we're able to be free, but the horse is constantly paying attention to the trainer. Eyes always focused on it, attention, always focused on the trainer, looking for that next command, looking for that next, whatever the trainer's asking them to do, and then responds in a way that's quickly, first time obedience, quickly, responding with a desire to please the trainer. And when we have that harmony, the same way with our walk with Christ, it puts us in just a wonderful position to receive God's blessing in our lives, to glorify his kingdom, to expand the kingdom, to be able to be used by him.

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