Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, is dedicated to taking every opportunity to care for and love their patients who are in need. Dr. Okki Oei, the Medical Director at Hope Clinic, believes that as the Great Physician, God has given our bodies the miraculous ability to heal. For Dr. Oei and the rest of his staff, their business is not just a job but also their mission field.

Caring for What God has Made

Dr. Okki Oei: It doesn't matter if they're rich or poor, if you're in pain, you're miserable. And so it becomes priceless to get that life back.

Lori Hatcher: So we're very unique in that we treat pain. We treat pain for whatever the genesis is, however it started, but we treat it in a really unconventional way. We don't use invasive medicine or invasive techniques like shots and surgical things, and we don't use medications. We use the microcurrent that helps the body to heal itself.

Dr. Okki Oei: Ultimately, it's when I treat patients and they get results. And in many cases, if there are no hope cases and they get results, they'll say, boy, this is like a miracle. And if they're believers and I say, well, God is our great physician, he created our bodies, he's a miracle. But if they're not, then I just say the body is a miracle because it really is the body. And how does God fit into it? Well, he created us and I've been, I just celebrated my 50 soon, my 51st anniversary of my graduation. So I've been here for about half a century and I still marvel at the body. I mean, I don't know how anybody can say there's no God. And I look at the human body,

Vicki Oei: They got better. It's like, it's like a miracle. People with braces, people with wheelchair, people getting out of the wheelchair, people leaving their cane.

Dr. Okki Oei: And in many cases, patients already have had a workout. They've had MRIs, they have everything. And they may come in and say, look, I got spinal stenosis. Give you an example. And a spinal stenosis is something you see on the X-ray, on MRI. But in many cases, the pain is really not from the spinal stenosis, but it's from the soft tissue that supports the spinal stenosis because ultimately the spine or the bones itself cannot move without the help of good, healthy, connective or soft tissue, which is muscles, ligaments, and so on. Yet that is not well visualized. So they may come in with a diagnosis of spinal stenosis, but there's nothing about the muscles.

And so we look at that and we can turn the exam, tell pretty much if there's some dysfunction or lack of function or lack of mobility. Our goal is to help the body do what it needs to do, and we can find the areas and work on them. But it is by what you feel, what the patient feels and what sometimes something like this. 3D can help you also confirm.

Having Christ at Work Brings Hope

Lori Hatcher: The reason we named this Hope Clinic is because most people that find their way here have lost hope. They've tried everything and they are frequently dysphoric about it. They've lost all of their motivation. Frequently are a little bit preconceived that, oh, this is just one more thing that they're going to try to do like everybody else has. And I actually enjoy getting that because our results, we get results right away.

Dr. Okki Oei: Our results run about 95, 96%. Overall, when you see those results in pain management without using drug shots or anything, that is remarkable. And it's not because we're so smart. I give the credit to the body when given the chance able to repair and heal and in many cases get actually restored to sometimes beyond what they were before they had the pain. There's no question that God heals.

Vicki Oei: We lift up our patience that God sends us. We pray for them. We pray for our staff, and we believe that God sent us so far, everybody that has come here is by word of mouth. Every moment we have an opportunity to care and love and work with people at the level where there's such a need, they need, they need us.

Dr. Okki Oei: It's a number of years ago when I began to realize that marketplace, be it your job, your business, is also your mission field, that we can impact that by how we act because we're Christ representatives and we don't have to be out there quoting scripture or preaching. It's how we behave, what we portray, what we show like compassion, and then allow God to open up doors. Ephesians 2:10 really resonates with me. We are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that he prepares beforehand so we can walk and actually live in them. And that's where I look at it now. So God has given me the gifts in terms of being able to understand and do and develop. I believe that God will help do this and achieve that goal of helping many, many, many more people.

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