Faith in the Workplace Leads to Changed Lives and a Better Business

Guest Author

Rick Johnson

Executive Stewardship Officer
RC Fasteners and Components

At RC Fasteners & Components, we like to say, "We are a ministry created for God's glory, working undercover as a fastener company. Our mission is to plant a seed every day in someone's life and see God fasten them to Christ. Someone's life depends on it."

All of our employees know the mission, and we regularly pray for opportunities that God would lead us to plant these seeds. It may be customers that we meet in the field, people that come into our building, suppliers we talk to on the phone, or even in email. Since we pray for these opportunities, God is faithful and brings them to us.

Celebrating How God Has Worked

We see many miracles or answers to prayer daily as we step out boldly in our faith.  We keep track of these miracles and answered prayers on 3 ft x 6 ft white kraft paper that says at the top: "This is what God did." We put a date on each one and write how God answered the prayer. When the paper fills up to the end, we cut it off and wallpaper our warehouse with them. It's encouraging to go back through them at times and see the goodness of God throughout the years.

Prioritizing Your Personal Relationship with Christ

As a Christian Business leader in the marketplace, my heart is to love Christ by following his lead each morning, abiding in Him in prayer, His word, and fellowship. This time with Him each morning supercharges me with passion and joy for the day. I cannot start the day without my appointment with the Lord. This is the most important part of my day. He says if we commit our works to Him, He promises to direct our steps and make our paths straight. This is vital in God's business.

As He fills our cup with grace and new mercies each morning, the next goal is to love others, starting with our employees, neighbors, customers, suppliers, and ministry partners. This happens in many different ways.

Caring for Those God Has Placed in Our Lives

With our employees, we do something every day to seek God. "Majestic Mondays" start first thing Monday morning when we gather our team for devotion and prayer time. "Triumphant Tuesday" is different, as the leader teaches what God has put on his heart through God's Word and asks questions to get the employees engaged. This open dialogue brings great trust and healing to hearts through Christ. "Worship in the Word Wednesday" is an hour-and-a-half Bible/Marketplace study through FCCI (Fellowship of Companies for Christ International) that is facilitated at RC Fasteners and Components for business owners, managers, and employees. "Thankful Thursday" is amazing as the leader shares what God puts on his heart regarding gratitude from God's word while engaging with the employees on things they are thankful for. Finally, "Fruitful Friday" is a two-hour Bible study that employees take turns leading.

Build Leaders

Another mission of ours is to make leaders of the younger generation. Leaders need to know how to respond and not react to difficulties. Although we are not firemen, we have many fires that happen each day, with customers getting in trouble, suppliers getting us in trouble, and so on. When these difficulties happen, we go to God. It's His business.

Many times, we will stop and pray as a team. Other times, I will go to my back office and pray and ask God for wisdom. Time after time, God gives us wisdom and grace on how to handle each situation by bringing living water to the fire instead of gasoline. The employees see and go through these difficulties daily, with God leading the way. They learn not to react to every difficulty that arises but to step away, gather themselves, seek God, and then move when He says to move. This teaches them to be godly leaders at work, and they take it home and into their lives.

We have seen so much growth in our people by what God is doing in their hearts. Many and most of our employees come in hurt, angry, broken. They leave fulfilled with joy and peace and hearts that are now opened to receive the grace of God. It sure beats working for a living!

Sacrificing Your Time to Make Much of Jesus

One might ask, "Why would an owner do this? How do they ever get things done?"

First of all, I had it backward for the first 11 years in business. I was going after the fruit (which is money and success) first. This ended in working seven-day work weeks, constant frustrations, employee issues, and nothing to show for it after 11 years of hard work. Still in debt. Striving to stay afloat.

Then, after much adversity, we gave it all to God. EVERYTHING! The business, our lives, bank accounts, employees, cares, and burdens. Total surrender. This is when it all changed! Ten years later, God's company is booming better than ever and completely debt-free.

The absolute greatest part, though, is the lives God is changing! Nothing compares! When we go after the root first (which is people), loving them with the love of Christ, spending time with them, and pouring into them, God then takes care of the fruit. He promises to provide for all our needs when we are abiding in him. God is the Redeemer of time, and He redeems the time that we spend doing ministry, and this allows us to get everything done in our work responsibilities that we need to. It is something only God can do. It's the greatest life ever. It's called "The abundant life!"

When We are Faithful, God Provides

We have been in business for 21 years, and the last 10 years have been the best of our lives. A daily surrendered life to Jesus makes it all possible. When it's His business, He will provide. It's His responsibility as long as we are being good stewards, walking close to Him, and abiding in the Vine, He is producing fruit. Fruit that lasts into eternity. Fruit that employees partake of and then take home to their wives and children. Nothing is greater than seeing broken people restored to a better life because you invested in them and God worked through you! Money and success cannot compare when you see an entire family changed from a marketplace ministry working undercover for Christ! God will bless it, too, because He knows you won't hold onto it. That you'll keep giving it away so others can be fed!

Interested in inviting Christ into your business? Start with a Monday prayer. That's what we did. Little by little, it went to two days, then three days, then five. Turn on Christian music throughout the building. This is big. People are caught dancing many times, and the attitude is contagious. Joy fills the atmosphere, and the Spirit of the Lord moves. Start with a Monday prayer with the team, then listen to God each day as He brings you to do more.

Did I mention it's the greatest life? Seeing lives and families changed by Christ, all while God supplies the fruit while working fewer hours. I know. It doesn't make sense to the world. Only God could do this. Only God!

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