What are Different Ways to Bring Chaplaincy into Your Organization?

In our last blog, we spoke about how chaplaincy can impact your company’s culture. It offers an opportunity to build intentional relationships with employees and their families in a way company leadership can’t. Employees can share confidential information with someone who isn’t directly tied to the organization's hierarchy.

So now that you’ve seen the impact chaplaincy can have, the question becomes: how do you bring Chaplaincy into your organization?


Many places serve to provide chaplains to businesses. For example, there are national chaplaincy organizations, marketplace chaplains, or Corporate chaplains of America. The latter actually has chaplains report to ownership at the end of each month, giving a numeric summary of what they’ve done. This could be how often they came to the company, how many employees they talked to, or how many requested “care sessions” they’ve provided. This is just one example of how these organizations can begin a culture shift in your business. 

Local Pastor or Minister

Perhaps you have a relationship with a local pastor or minister. This can be a great way to find a chaplain and build a strong bridge between your employees and the surrounding community. In many cities and towns, it can be a major bonus to have someone who understands the culture your employees live in and how to engage them effectively.

Full-time Chaplaincy

A great example of full-time chaplaincy can be found at Tyson Food Services. They have created a chaplaincy position for their plants across the country. This can be an excellent solution for businesses with a large number of employees. While there are advantages to having a chaplain come from outside your organization, there are also advantages to having someone who is part of your team.

Christ at Work will always advocate for chaplaincy in your business. Our story collection offers a look at standards other businesses have set and how you can bring them into your workplace. So check out our website to see how you can get started today!

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