Tyson Foods

Tyson has invested in full-time Chaplains to minister in 25 states to more than 150 Tyson Food facilities. The Chaplaincy program at Tyson Foods has been an effective ministry for over 20 years.

Bring Christ into the Workplace Through Chaplaincy

Joel Medina: Well, Tyson Foods is a huge company with over 144,000 employees. We have multiple facilities around the nation and the world, and we have the best team of chaplains, professional chaplains, and I am part of them

Karen Diefendorf: At Tyson Foods, we have 100 chaplain positions spread over 25 states, and those chaplains cover, I would say, somewhere around 140 to 150 locations.

John Hill: We are a spiritual people. We do have faith, we do have belief systems, those things that bring meaning to our lives, those things that we believe on a daily basis.

Terry Patton: It shows to the team members that we have this person here that's out of, away from production, away from HR, and can be there to listen and talk to our team members when there is a need.

Tyson Employee: It makes me feel comfortable because I was in a situation back in, excuse me, back in 2011 and lost a spouse, so having the chaplain, Joel here, helped me get through a day-to-day basis. I am so thankful to have that in the workplace.

Jamall Green: I'm very thankful that Tyson cares enough for me as a person to have a program such as this. Tyson does care about people, and I believe that's why we see the longevity of our team members here.

Terry Patton: It's neat when you go into orientation and talk to new team members that are coming on board, and you talk about having a chaplain on board, and it's like, wow, you don't see many companies with that. Chaplains just have a way of being able to respond to team members.

Karen Diefendorf: The chaplaincy mission is to provide pastoral care to all people regardless of their particular faith or philosophies of life. So we are there to care for everyone.

Tyson Employee: I can call on him at any point if I'm just having a tough day, if I'm having a moment and need somebody to talk to,

John Hill: It brings hope to the heart. It brings healing to the soul, and it's really revolutionary

Terry Patton: To have that resource is just, I don't know that you can describe how much benefit it brings.

John Hill: Our faith tells us to care. Our faith compels us to care. I mean, God is love

Terry Patton: To me. It just brings something that says, Hey, we care about you. To me, it pays dividends from day one,

John Hill: And people are going to want to work smarter for you, work harder with you, and be with you. It's totally worth it.

Karen Diefendorf: We do this because it's the right thing to do for people, for all the right reasons.

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