DFW Interfaith Chaplaincy

With over 60,000 employees and 70 million visitors a year, DFW Airport is a mission field in and of itself. By providing interfaith chaplaincy in all 5 terminals, they are offering a source of hope and comfort to people traveling from all over the world. Imagine a mission field where all the people come to you!

Providing Opportunities to Worship

Airport Terminal Announcement: Attention in the terminal. There will be a chapel mass in the chapel in terminal deep house, KD 40 at 11:00 AM all are invited to attend.

Rev. Greg McBrayer: I think it's very comforting just to hear the announcement. Come on, the PAs and all five terminals here, there's going to be a chapel service or a chapel mass, and that announcement draws them to this chapel. I feel like every day when I come here, I'm stepping into the mission field because I'm going to encounter people from all walks of life, from all over the world. The unique things about this is the mission. Fuel comes to me every day.

Bishop "D.D" Hayes: The concept of a chaplaincy being at the airport was the fact that we had over 60,000 employees working here. And imagine having a city with no church.

Rev. Greg McBrayer: 74 million people a year will travel through DFW Airport and it really is like a city. We have police, fire, we have first responders here. Of course we have medical teams here. We've got vendors of every kind of retailer here.

No matter what exists outside of your life, you can't compartmentalize those things when you're traveling. They become part of the anxiety of travel and part of the stress of travel. And that's where we can intercede in that moment like that. We can be a source of hope, a source of comfort, and God places them in our path or gives us the opportunity to be in their path, to minister to them, to just be with them, to listen, to be a part of their day and that blesses them. Well obviously we're an interfaith chapel and obviously we have people of all different faiths in this airport. So we have a place that they can come here and all five terminals where they can go and they can worship. They can simply go in there to be still, to be quiet, to reset their day, and that's available to people of all faith.

Meeting Spiritual Needs at Work

Bishop "D.D" Hayes: It's very important because what we do, not only do we add a spiritual component to the airport, but also we do counseling, we help uplift people. We do weddings, we do funerals. It really helps the airport by having us here because we add a component to this ministry that nobody else can do.

Rev. Greg McBrayer: This is truly the crossroads of the world that come here every day and we are intersected into that journey with them and given an opportunity to meet them in this space and to provide a level of care, a level of compassion, or simply just give 'em directions. I think it matters because this is where people are. And the truth of the matter is there is a great number of people here every day, and everyone that's here is on a journey in life.

Rev. Greg McBrayer: "I'll see you tomorrow. I'll be back in morning. Alright, y'all have a good afternoon. Alrighty."

Oh my goodness. This is the largest, greatest mission for oil on Earth. This is where the world intersects. This is, and from my faith belief, this is the Corinth of the modern world today. This is an intersectionality of the entire world that comes through this airport every single day, and we're right in the middle of it.

You encounter travelers out here every day, or employees every day that are dealing with life, and they come to this place to work every day, but they can't compartmentalize the challenges in their life outside of their work life. It comes to work with 'em, and we've been a part of that and we've been blessed to be a part of that. That blesses them and that makes their journey better and they'll remember that. People remember how you made 'em feel, and we bring a sense of feeling of care to people in this environment.

I do it because I love it and I love people. This ministry is a beacon of light in a busy place, in a very dark world, and it's desperately needed.

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