What Impact Can Bringing Faith Into Work Have on Company Culture?

A renowned management consultant name Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” While that may sound odd, the saying couldn’t be more true. So many companies today have great strategies, missions, and ultimately a great sense of what their product is, but they don’t have a culture that works tirelessly to connect people to that mission. 

As a result, companies worldwide are filled with unhappy employees who may be good at their job but ultimately lack any sense of commitment beyond the contract they signed. So, how do we create the most effective workplace culture possible? At Christ at Work, we think faith in the workplace plays a vital part in answering that question.

Valuing Employees

We care for others to honor the one who cares for us.” That is the mindset of Polydeck, a company that brought faith into their workplace and has made every effort to integrate it into every part of what they do. This faith has led them to commit to allowing their employees to go on annual mission trips, as well as building a chapel for employees to utilize. Employees now have the time and space to express their faith as a direct benefit from their employer.

This is just one example of how Christ at Work has seen faith in the workplace's major impact on the companies who embrace it. At Tyson Foods, they embrace that we should care for all, no matter their faith. This way of thinking has allowed all of their employees to feel included and cared for by the entire company.

Creating the Ultimate Example of Faith at Work

Be it the culture of our workplace or the culture of our world, people's hearts and attitudes will always be affected by the way they are treated by those around them. Time after time, Jesus impacted the culture by caring for those in need, whether it was his disciples, tax collectors, merchants, prostitutes, the poor, the sick, the list goes on. Jesus didn’t just do that because he thought it would be nice; he did it to show us the expectation for those who claim to follow him. 

Culture Shift

If we follow Jesus’ example, our faith should have a direct impact on the way that we treat others, which in turn will result in a major culture shift. One that won’t only affect our work but our entire world for the better. Christians are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, meeting others where they are and serving them. What better opportunity than to do this every day in your workplace? You may change one life, you may change a hundred, or you may not ever see the change with your own eyes, but rest assured, your faith put into action has an impact. 

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