Story Collection

Tom Ferguson & AZZ

Tom Ferguson built a career at one company for over 25 years and became president of 2 out of 3 divisions with amazing financial results. He eventually decided it was time to retire. He sent out an email to his team, and after returning to his computer from lunch, he was shocked by the contents of the thousands of responses he began to receive... 6 months later, he had an opportunity to embrace those responses and live his whole life for Christ.

Evans Tool and Die

At Evans Tool and Die, it became clear that bringing their faith into the workplace may be the opportunity for some of their employees to hear about Jesus. That's why they decided to make a change, offering a time every Wednesday for a guest or staff pastor to come speak. This time would take precedent over all business matters. This quickly became the focus of their businesses, changing lives by offering their employees a place to be truly seen and to learn more about Jesus.

Electric Mirror

"If you love Jesus, then bring Jesus with you wherever you are...the mission field is right in your doors." Electric Mirror sees business as a ministry. Everywhere you look around their facility, and anyone you ask, will tell you that faith is incorporated in every part of what they do.

Performance Pulsation

John Rogers built a company by pushing hard and winning. Then, 10 years ago, he was challenged to weave faith into the company. First, he wrote a letter to his associates apologizing for his leadership style and the way he had been acting. During the past 10 years, he has brought in Chaplaincy, set up a Care Committee, and leveraged the workforce to do good in the community by serving volunteer efforts.

RC Fasteners

Rick Johnson runs a “Ministry disguised as a Fastener Company!” Several years ago Rick made the intentional decision to weave his faith directly into his fastener company and use RC Fasteners for God’s glory. The impact God has had on the company and the associates has been amazing!

Caldwell Tanks

It all started with a prayer. A couple of years ago, Bernie Fineman, President of Caldwell Tanks, said a short prayer before a year-end meeting. God took control as management and associates started bringing Faith into their workplace and the change in culture at Caldwell has been incredible.

Wilson Frazier

Serving as the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at both Caldwell Tanks and Preload, Wilson sees his job as more than making sure people return home from work safely. He sees safety as an opportunity to enrich the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the associates he serves.


Polydeck, an injection moulding company, is very intentional about weaving faith into everything they do. They make great products and achieve profits, so that, they can care for people in a way that honors God. They have a unique story of caring and giving that is inspiring.

Custom Forest Products

A wooden pallet manufacturer brough Chaplaincy in to bring unity and trust to the organization. They have built a Chapel on site and start each day with morning prayer.


As a leading manufacturer of prestressed concrete water tanks, Preload has construction sites spread all over North America. They have incorporated Chaplaincy to keep a connection and make a difference in the lives of their workers while away from home.

Pittsburg Tank and Tower

Pittsburg Tank and Tower has been intentional about bringing faith into their workplace. They see their purpose as to make a difference in people’s lives. They have married wellness and benefits to be a difference in their organization and the community around them.

Signet Mills

Signet Mills, a fabric manufacturer, has taken care and faith seriously as a company. At Signet Mills, they set aside 10% of their corporate profits for the purpose of Caring. They have appointed a Care Committee that helps identify needs in the organization, and in the communities where they serve. Signet Mills is ISO 9001 Certified in Ministry!

Michael Watson

Michael Watson is a pastor who has flexibility during the week to minister to the businesses in his community. Serving as a Marketplace Chaplain, Michael is able to get outside the walls of his church and impact people right where they are, in the workplace!
  • “Don’t withhold good from someone who deserves it when it is in your power to do so.”
    Proverbs 3:27

  • “Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others.”
    Philippians 2:4