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When Paul Dietzler bought his company in 2012 he knew he wanted to more than install windows and improve homes. He wanted to make a difference. Since then Expo Home, with three locations in Texas, has become what some have called a ministry disguised as a business. See how workplace bible studies and worship time are just part of what enables Expo Home to love people and make a lasting impact.

Loving People, Lasting Impact

Paul Dietzler: We do home improvement projects. We do vinyl window replacements, as well as bathroom remodels. We care deeply for our customers and our team members. 

Michael Flores: And our mission statement is loving people, lasting impact. We have over 200 employees and we're in three locations now and it's just exciting to see God pour into the growth of the company.

Paul Dietzler: Faith really started from the very beginning. I purchased Window Expo in 2012. We just want to make a difference. We want to be that kind of home improvement company that's out there  to satisfy people. And so we do that really through loving people and just showing the love of Jesus to everyone we come in contact with.

Amanda McDaniel: I love that faith is just played out here through always, every single morning, a daily devotional start of our day. And I love the devotionals because sometimes there's a story that leads you to Christ.

Michael Flores: We are a faith-based company. We are a Christian company. You don't have to be a Christian to work here. But obviously for us, we want to reflect the love of Jesus Christ to everybody that we come in contact with.

Paul Dietzler: The Bible studies were really started just for people that wanted to go a little bit deeper, and they're totally voluntary. People can join if they want to. If they don't join, that's fine as well. How do you begin your journey? People are just excited about the opportunity to go and contribute. 

Toni Young: We do the Bible study once a week, and it's a women's group, and it's for anybody who wants to join us and, and spend some time in fellowship and also time studying the Bible.

Michael Flores: We're part of a company where who you are on Sunday, you can be Monday through Saturday, and it's okay. You don't have to change your persona, your identity, simply because you know you're going to work. 

Amanda McDaniel: The workplace is a missional role. So coming in here and having someone be completely, fully supportive of me just wanting to love people to share my faith, to be that encouragement, to be that light that Jesus says that we have. Jesus says that we are his light, that it is to shine through us. Letting that come out of me with absolutely nobody saying I can't. That's everything to me. Every day I leave, my husband tells me to sparkle and shine, and that is exactly what I want to do.

Taking an Interest in the Whole Person

Paul Dietzler: Faith is really our focus on relationship. And so we just want relationships with our team, with our customers, and just showing the love of Christ to those that we come in contact with.

Michael Flores: There's just a lot of opportunities just beyond having a job, making money, and supporting a family. We're interested in the whole person. Maybe just getting that exposure to the gospel message will make you curious and make you interested in finding out more. And where does that joy and that peace that seems to be on the faces of the people around here, where does that come from?

God tells us in Matthew 28 to go out and make disciples, therefore go and make disciples. So part of it for me in the last several years of being here has really turned those words into action.

Worship in the Workplace

Amanda McDaniel: Well, the worship experience is neat because how many companies do you know that have a worship time together for their employees? 

Michael Flores: So we get together, we sing some songs of praise. Sometimes we have dozens of people show up. Sometimes they're just five or six, and it doesn't matter.  It's not about the numbers. What it's about is authenticity and authentically worshiping our king and being grateful.

Toni Young: The worship experience is touching. It's for all of us. It's for all of us to come together and it's all for God. It's awesome. Having worship in workplaces is just bringing your community together to worship, to spend time together. It's pretty amazing.

The Workplace as a Window to the Church

Michael Flores: So there's a lot of people who won't step through the doorway of a church organization for whatever reason, bias or, or a past experience where they'll walk into a conference room and they'll hear some great things about the gospel message and sing a few songs in a non-threatening, sort of neutral ground environment. And that's really what the praise and worship events have been for us. It is a kind of a church, but not a church.

Paul Dietzler: Faith has formed the culture of the company. It's just been tremendous to see the personal change in the individuals that have been able to join our company.

Michael Flores: When I think of  the word church, it's not a building. It's the body of Christ. So we are the church, and so we are a church disguised as a business.

Toni Young: You know, Jesus walked amongst a lot of non-believers. So I think that's part of our job as well. And why not have it in the workplace?

Working for an Eternal Impact

Michael Flores: When you think at the end of the day about what will endure – those treasures in heaven, What makes it out of this world? No possession, no money, no job, no career it all comes to an end. What matters is the line behind you when you get to heaven. What was the impact that you had in fulfilling what God had in store for you, the role you were supposed to play, the role he had planned for you to make those impacts or to make that impact on people's lives. So what really matters is people at the end of the day are loving God, loving others. Nothing else is worth it.

Are You Running a Business or a Ministry?

Paul Dietzler: We're running both. We're running a business, but it is a ministry. And so we're here to glorify the kingdom in all of our decisions that we make and the lives that we want to be able to touch.

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