Bring Faith Into Your Workplace

The Christ at Work movement exists to encourage business owners, leaders, and employees to embrace the opportunity to bring Christ into their workplace. The culture of businesses worldwide often focuses on the company’s mission and goals but fails to consider whether their employees feel connected to that mission.

Our mission is to give you resources that empower your team to trust in Christ’s faithfulness to work in the lives of your team, which in turn, will result in a better culture and greater results.

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Care for Employees
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Improve Company Culture
Encourage Authenticy
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Advance God's Kingom

Discover things to do today and 
ideas to inspire growth tomorrow

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The free guide includes:

  • Six pages full of proven strategies to integrate faith into your workplace

  • Ideas for each strategy to inspire your journey

  • Links to videos showing businesses who are experiencing Christ at Work


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Christ at Work 
Getting Started Guide

This Getting Started Toolkit highlights many of the strategies businesses are using to get started. Video links representing each strategy are included to inspire you to incorporate some of these ideas on your own.

Click the button below to download an interactive pdf version of the toolkit that contains some added tips and tricks. This reference tool can be an invaluable asset to you as you seek to glorify God in your workplace.